Max Secure Spyware Detector

This product is a very superior Anti-Spyware + Anti-Virus product to detect and remove all types of Malware including virus, Botnets, Trojans, Keyloggers and Rootkits. To further tighten the security on your personal computer, it comes with Firewall, Parental control, USB manager, Network monitor, Intrusion detection, Bad website blocking, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Spam and many more features.

They offer 24×7 free technical support using live chat, email and remote desktop support. The technical support team specializes in virus removal if the product fails to do so by connecting remotely to customer PC at no extra cost.

Key features include:

  • Scans, quarantines and deletes spyware, allows recovery as well, can be scheduled to scan automatically at regular intervals
  • Scans for Hidden entries and monitoring software such as Keylogger and rootkit
  • Advance Heuristic algorithm to provide zero-day threat detection
  • Fully compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, windows 2000 adn all versions of Windows Server with 32 and 64bit operating system

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Registry Reviver

Optimize your computer’s performance and reliability today with the Multi Award-Winning Registry Reviver. Registry Reviver conducts the most comprehensive and complete Windows registry scan in the world to identify problems and immediately fix them to quickly and easily restore optimum performance to your PC. Run a FREE scan today and immediately improve the performance and reliability of your PC!

Registry Reviver Features

  • Increases your computer’s performance – You will see immediate increases in your PC’s performance and stability.
  • Stops PC crashes and errors – Your PC will boot up faster, be more stable, and experience less crashes and conflicts.
  • Quick diagnosis – Find the problems for your computer quickly.
  • One click fix – Take the frustration out of a slow performing PC, and optimize your PC with one simple mouse click!
  • Intuitive Interface – Intuitive and simple to use design makes it easy to know what to do every step of the way.
  • Light footprint – Your computers performance won’t be affected while you use Registry Reviver
  • Free 24/7 technical support – Should you need assistance you can contact our friendly support any time.
  • 30 day money back guarantee – For absolute peace of mind.

Why Use Registry Reviver?

Registry Reviver uses the most advanced technologies available to analyze PC errors and speed up your slow PC. Registry Reviver detects and removes all unused entries in your PC registry from failed software, driver installations, faulty installations and uninstallations, and optimizes your Windows startup.

Registry Reviver is available for a free trial download here.

Paid version costs US$29.99 and you can order here.

Registry Reviver is another great product from ReviverSoft

Acebyte Registry Cleaner

Acebyte Registry Cleaner offers a good quality solution to speed up your computer and fix all registry errors. It can easily scan, fix, and repair registry errors to keep your computer away from slow performance , freezing, errors or pc crashes. Users can free up the precious hard drive available space by using defrag registries to compact Windows registry and eliminating structural defects.

Key Features:

  • Easily optimize your system performance in one place to scan, clean up, fix or defrag Windows registries
  • Specially designed registry cleaner for Windows to speed up your computer
  • Delete the unused registry keys left after program uninstallation and remove vacant space or registry gaps in order to free up available space in hard drive.
  • Automatically creates a backup during the registry cleanup
  • Has a Restore feature which enables users to go back to the point when users begin to clean up the registry errors
  • Have a simple and intuitive user interface, that even the computer novice can understand without any trouble
  • Small in size, less than 4MB in total, so it never slows down your computer
  • Allowed to work in the background, to keep your computer running fast even with multiple programs open at the same time
  • Free online download and 100% clean, no virus, spyware, malware or adware
  • Compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP or its earlier

A free trial download is available.

Also available on a lifetime license. Price: $29.95 USD

Registry Expert Plus

Registry Expert Plus is an easy to use program that will scan your computer for potential errors and will suggest repairs to bring back your PC stability and performance.

Trusted by many customers, this powerful tool can help to optimize your system in 3 clicks!

This software is suitable for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 and NT.

You can access it as a free download.

Registry Nuke

RegistryNuke is designed to scan your computer system and get rid of registry errors which will then boost the speed of your PC. This software works by using a highly advanced detection algorithm that looks for outdated and missing Registry keys to identify any errors.

It also defragments the windows registry so that it is optimized for system performance.

Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, both 32- bit and 64-bit.

The free download unregistered version of RegistryNuke allows you to fix 20% of the detected Registry errors and other problems found by RegistryNuke.

The full one year subscription to fix all the detected errors cost $29.95.

Download the software here.

Smart Registry Cleaner

SmartRegistryCleaner is a powerful registry cleaner application. It effectively detects and clean Registry errors, repair windows registry, including Windows XP, Windows vista and Windows 7, while keeping your system stability.

SmartRegistryCleaner is also one of the easiest applications to use. You can restore computer registry and improve system performance with a few mouse clicks! After use you will find it makes your PC faster.

SmartRegistryCleaner is an advanced Windows registry cleanup and defragmentation tool to fix, repair, optimize registry and boost your computer speed and overall performance.

Available in a yearly license or a lifetime license which I recommend.

Smart Registry Cleaner

Price for Lifetime license: $43.92 USD

A free trial download is available which will identify all registry errors
& fix 50 errors for free.

Windsty RegistryCleaner

This award-winning registry cleaner will clean, repair and optimize the Windows registry to speed up your computer and eliminate frequent crashes.

Windsty RegistryCleaner is a software utility designed for the Microsoft Windows operating system whose purpose is to remove redundant or unwanted items from the Windows registry. Such data may include information left by software that has not been uninstalled completely from the computer, information that is no longer of use, or settings required for the operation of malware. It scans the registry, and attempts to pick out the unnecessary values in order to delete or repair them.

Windsty DiskCleaner is an award-winning software that performs deep analysis of your system, identifies junk files and folders on a hard drive and displays results in a convenient way. Results include junk files and folders and description why they are junk. You may remove junk files manually or automatically.

Free download available here.

Price: $17.99

Registry Care

Advanced detection gives you extra stability for your Windows installation.

Startup Program Optimization
Provides full control of all the startup programs, which makes it easy to find dangerous hidden processes.

Internet Explorer Management
Optimizes IE: as it empties your cache giving you extra free space. It also deletes your URL history for extra privacy.

Toolbar Removal
Most common browsers hijacks or toolbars can be removed quickly

Quick and easy Backups
Backup and restore your registry. You can restore single events from the history any time you need.

Price $39.99

Free scan and download available here

Registry Error Cleaner

Registry Error Cleaner is an extremely user-friendly and highly advance end tool, made easy for all windows users.

It safely and effectively cleans and repairs Windows Registry problems. It eliminates inconsistencies with your windows registry. These inconsistencies are what initiates systems crashes, error messages and renders your computer system highly unstable so it is important to clean the Windows registry.

Suitable for all operating system like Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

You can download the trial version of Registry-Error-Cleaner for free here.

Registration price is $29.95 USD

PC Health Advisor

PC Health Advisor gives you what you need to not only improve your computer’s operation now but also to maintain peak performance in the future.

PC Health Advisor will:

  • Fix Windows registry errors
  • Remove active malware
  • Defragment your hard drive
  • Remove privacy files with confidential info
  • Update device drivers for increased stability
  • Improve startup times
  • Get rid of unwanted browser toolbars
  • Help optimize Windows settings
  • And much, much more!

PC Health Advisor registration is $29.97 USD for a one year subscription.

Download here